For Fun is now ready for the Fall-Winter 2019/20 season, with a top-to-bottom look for the first time! Here is a collection of underwear and outerwear creations with the theme of 'Dark End', a continuation of 'Self Destructor' from the SS19 season. Again, designs that describe the human race and universal functioning that have the potential to bring about its own end were featured.

As outerwear, we come with two different raincoats representing Strangers Club and Self Destructor. At the bottom, we will see the Self Destructor design, which consists of neon green and black colors. The collection tries to draw attention to the danger of the human race in a language that is not boring.


For Fun is now hitting the Fall-Winter 2019/20 season with full looks for the first time! Expect a collection of some bottom and outerwear creations with our 'Dark End' theme which is a continuation of 'Self Destructor' from SS19 season… Again, themes were used to refer to the human race who is more likely to bring its own end.

As outerwear, we are coming out with two different raincoats which represent Strangers Club and Self Destructor as well as bottoms in neon green and black. The collection tries to explain itself as a brand who is aware of the danger of the human race without being boring.

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